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Bridal business makes up approximately 60% of jewelry sales and so if you cant find a way to be relevant in this part of the jewelry marketplace, well, bye bye.

Vintage Engagement Rings

a sample of vintage engagement rings by Hugo Kohl

The first part is the engagement ring (and by the way, I'm not De Beers and so it's cool by me if it's not a diamond ring) and for those who are looking for vintage designs, Hugo Kohl offers a very broad and deep selection of vintage filigree ring settings.

Here is a selection of heavily engraved wedding bands in various metals including karated golds, platinum and sterling silver. Note the curved bands on the right side that are designed to fit against a filigree engagement ring.

Of course, the next part of this is the wedding band. There is no reason this needs to be a plain, boring choice. In fact, the wedding band can be every bit as decorative as the engagement ring. At Hugo Kohl, we manufacture a very wide variety of vintage wedding bands that compliment our vintage filigree engagement rings as they are made using the original tools from the same periods as the designs.

Wait, there's more. Brides and bridesmaids need to be properly accessorized. It's a good thing we have you covered on that. We offer earrings, whimsy rings & bracelets; all in vintage designs that are period accurate, well crafted and available in all precious metals and a full compliment of gemstones.

Filigree Earrings

Hugo Kohl makes a wide variety of vintage filigree earrings.

Whimsical RingsThese whimsy rings are made using some designs intended to be cufflinks. By simply adding a fancy shank a new genre of vintage ring is born.

Vintage Cuff BraceletsSterling silver die rolled bracelets in these fabulous vintage design are perfect accessories and bridesmaid gifts.

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