About Hugo

Hugo Kohl

About Hugo

Hugo Kohl was born into an artistic family and has spent much of his life in the studio. While Hugo is versed in several mediums, Jewelry design and making have always been a singular passion. Upon discovering the Industrial Age Jewelry making legacy of Providence, RI he found a way to put his talents and passion to focused use. Hugo Kohl has combined a magnificent library of design, the ultimate goldsmiths shop and working factory. It is a unique place where the best aspects of design and making come together to make the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

Hugo Kohl is the designer & maker of the collections that bear his name.

Hugo Kohl is the President and Curator of The Museum of American Jewelry Design and Manufacturing, in Harrisonburg, Va. as well as a board member of The Providence Jewelry Museum. Hugo has been a jewelry industry professional since 1987 and is the founder of HKmfg (1991) a company specializing in the manufacture of vintage & filigree jewelry. Hugo Kohl is a graduate (1989) of James Madison University with a BS in Finance and Economics.

His interests include Industrial Age jewelry design & manufacturing and its influence on the nature of work and culture and it’s expression of specific configurations of race, gender and class.

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