The Story

"The chaos of destruction creates opportunity."
- hak III
After the old-fashioned, human-powered jewelry industry collapsed in North America, someone had to rescue the old ways from oblivion. Enter Hugo Kohl, who salvaged the machines and tools from vanishing Industrial Age jewelry factories and put them back into production. This virtuous act now echoes through time to deliver some of history's most coveted artwork.
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All materials are ethically sourced and all jewelry is made by hand in the USA.
Made From a Vintage Hub
• Hand-engraved into steel blocks and rolls.
• Hugo Kohl's Hub Vault holds thousands of antique, hand-engraved hubs, dies and rolls.
• It is one of the largest libraries of American ornament and jewelry design in existence, with pieces dating back to the early 1800s.

Made From a Vintage Hub

The hubs are hand-engraved into steel blocks and rolls and date back to the early 1800s.
The chance meeting of a maker and a forgotten craft headed to the scrapyard begins the story of

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The Past

The Legacy of Jewelry's Greatest Moment in History
It was the end of the 1790s, and Providence, Rhode Island, bustled with one of America's greatest industrial triumphs: the burgeoning jewelry industry. Populated by creative and innovative makers from all over the world, the industry exploded and, for centuries, Providence produced the most coveted jewelry one could own. Sadly, advances in production technology eventually forced the old ways out, and the jewelry industry moved Offshore—until Hugo Kohl uncovered what was left behind.
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The Present

A Purpose Built Workshop
After rescuing the machines, tools and artwork headed for the scrapyard in Providence, Hugo Kohl built a workshop in America's great tradition of the "work-master" hierarchy. In his Harrisonburg, Virginia, workshop, Hugo plays the role of orchestra conductor, and his fellow workers—each an expert in some form of making—his orchestra. In this way, Hugo's team of highly skilled craftspeople combine traditional methods with today's technological advances to create an exquisite collection of truly timeless pieces.
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The Future

Continuing The Legacy
Some designs are timeless: classic, flowing lines in the running scroll, feminine forms in the "Three Graces" and mythological symbols that help define our humanity. As a medium, jewelry design was profoundly meaningful to people hundreds of years ago, and it remains a significant form of ornamentation. Forever we will seek to express ourselves through personal adornment.
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Unearth The Story



Looking for a bargain on some used casting equipment, I was rummaging around in an old warehouse and I watched some workers dumping broken boxes of steel parts into a dump truck to be sold for scrap metal. One of the boxes broke open and pieces spilled out on the ground.

The truck pulled out and I looked at what had spilled. While I didn’t have a true understanding of what I was looking at I did realize that it contained very important jewelry designs. I quickly excused myself and hopped in my car and sped after the dump truck. I flagged the driver at a stop light and convinced him to sell me some of the “scrap” on the back of the truck and then arranged to ship it home. It took almost a year of researching and picking the brains of numerous folks in the jewelry industry before I started to fully understand what I had stumbled across and how it was used.

I learned that the pieces I had saved from the scrap yard were exquisitely crafted hubs, blocks of steel with intricate designs hand-carved into the top surface dating back to the 1800s. In any case, I was hooked on the subject, fascinated by the workmanship and determined to find and collect every hub, die and roll I could get my hands on, while also figuring out how to put versions of these designs back into production.


All materials are ethically sourced and all jewlery is made by hand in the U.S.A


· Hand engraved into steel blocks and rolls

· Hugo Kohl has over 3,000 Hubs in his collection

· There are Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco & Retro Art Designs periods represented.

· Dating back to the 1800s



The collection is stored in engraved steel blocks and rolls that represent the art of dimensional hand engraving at it’s zenith. The collection started with a few hundred pieces over 10 years ago and has grown to over 3,000 designs at present.

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